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Fresh flowers dipped in wax for Preservation...

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In memory of my Mom

Vicki Ann (Ryan) Hamby

January 19, 1950


May 20, 2015

Rest in Peace Mom...

I miss you more then words can say mom..... till we see each other again!!!!

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Fresh Flower Preservation Part 2 ( Memorial Flower Beads)


My Moms memorial just passed and I was left with all the flowers from the service and those that were sent in her name to the service and the visitation, They were to Beautiful to throw away and I knew that I some how wanted to keep them so I decided to try this method of dipping them in paraffin wax.... This is one of 3 ways I am trying to preserve them or dry them to make keepsakes out of them.. Another video is come soon on making Beads out of the flowers....

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